CleverBooks Space


CleverBooks Space is an educational mobile application empowered by Augmented Reality (controlled virtual reality through a mobile device and a marker).

It is the latest addition in CleverBooks applications with a goal of empowering kids learning in the acquisition of necessary 21st-century skills, utilizing Augmented Reality technology to provide an effective learning experience that benefits students learning.

It covers engineering and space interactive Augmented Reality tasks for primary and secondary level kids.

The main objective of the app is to provide a great foundation for learning science and engineering related topics (astronomy, earth science, space exploration, and space technology), with an aim of enhancing interest and curiosity levels in these subjects.

The areas covered includes: planets of the solar system, functions of space rocket, and rocket parts, rocket assembling and selection of, space mission upon kid’s choice, where they are able launch rockets to other planets.

It is built for iOS and Android devices that are compatible with Augmented Reality and features the famously known Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy from SpaceX which are used to depict space travel and help deepen the learning experience of how space travel and space technology works.

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