Global-E (Educational Game)

Global-E is my first personal-major game development project, probably the most desired project that I hope to accomplish at some point in the future. I wanted to become a game designer/developer not only because of my love and passion for games but also because I had this project in mind since I left college. I took inspiration from what I learned studying Business Studies in College. My goal was to create a game that supports learning by doing, where students can exercise and practice what they have learned in the classroom, experimenting how to conduct and apply business activities in real-world context.

The need to learn and conduct business in today’s world is greater than ever and the differences of each economy around the world make this process even more difficult. This is why I set this task of making a game that one can use to practice how to oversee business activities in a global context, operating in different economies around the world, to grow and maintain the survival of their business. I strongly believe that it can help further the knowledge of many students, giving them the opportunity to experience first hand how to properly apply and conduct elements of business and economics free of any real world risk. I am not to attempting to contest the basis of how these subjects are taught or administered in education, nor am I trying to teach these subjects as I am not a teacher, but I am aiming to promote various elements of both business and economics, simulating them in a gamified way, with a view of encouraging many students to be more willing to pursue these areas as a profession.

This is why prototyping for education can be extremely meaningful, especially when the game has the potential to promote a wide range of values and skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, curiosity, increase imagination, raise awareness, motivate, provide information and influence many, to become apprentices of these subjects.


The latest version/prototype is based on automobiles. My main intention was to let players choose the industry and product they want to sell (i.e. automobile industry to sell cars). In addition, I focused on creating a system that allowed players to grasp the process of starting with nothing, having a budget and taking their company to great length to succeed and be profitable. This current version was built around this notion, and thus supported by my research, which involved collecting data of countries (date from CIA, The Economist, Exchange Rates, Trading Economics…), and automobiles (data from Carfolio, Carcare, Wisebuyers…), as well as taking inspiration from other games (McDonalds game, Corporate Inc, Democracy 3, Crusader Kings…) to help bring this prototype to life. At the end, it allowed me to think of this as a global economy (Global-E) game where players can grow their automobile company, selling as many cars around the world, overseeing transactions in favor of their business to make a profit.

As a result, what you’re seeing in the gameplay shows how the player goes about making transactions and closing deals. This system can easily be used to exercise student’s know-how in business, where they can practice how to oversee business activities in a risk-free manner.

This prototype shows why educational games can have a huge impact on learning, especially when they can be used as a vehicle to engage students in their learning processes. They can simply aid and reinforce the learning of many subjects in a more positive and effective ways, where in this case, allows students to practice how to oversee many elements business and economics through gaming.



Play the latest version of Global-E here.