Speed – University Final Project

Speed was my major project in the third year at university. The game, though it’s still a prototype, is one of the best projects I’ve done in Unity so far. It would also say that it was the only project I ever managed to achieve the things I wanted when planning for a game. My main goal in this project was to illustrate a transformation system between vehicle to vehicle (from rolling ball – car – airplane – Jet – fighter Jet and so on  ), to have a game where the player has the ability to transform into other objects that have different speed and controls. This is what makes this game so special, you are able to maneuver your craft anywhere around the scene in different form and movement.



Morphing Craft Object


From the start of this project, my biggest challenge was to make the transformation system work. I wanted a smooth transition transformation as opposed to a sudden change between the vehicles. This Morphing Mesh to Different Levels example shows exactly how I managed to morph my character object to different vehicles in Unity. I managed to achieve this by using the same principles used in the Procedurally Generated Buildings example, where I started with a mesh (sphere) that has many vertices, categorising the vertices (back, front, left, right, bottom, top, backstretch and front stretch) so that parts of the object can be stretched in any direction. There may be a better approach to achieve this transition, but this approach was quite easy to process and administer. I understood what I was doing, which made the process of attaining my goal a lot easier. As a result, I used these transformations in the Speed game and applied the various Vehicle Movement controls from earlier, where when the object transforms, the controls would switch to the convenient vehicle type i.e rolling ball – rolling ball control, car – hovering car control, aircraft – aircraft control.



Speed GamePlay


Speed is certainly my best creation in Unity,  I managed to incorporate and put together many of my unity designs/prototypes (Sun and traveler effect, procedural buildings, vehicles controls, bubble particle system, shaders and so on) in this project. As shown in the gameplay video, your goal is to collect the diamond object as fast as you can, almost like a time trial, where you are ranked by how fast you collected the diamonds. So you’re tested by how quick you collected the diamonds, as they are placed in various areas around the scene. Given that you can transform into five different vehicles types that have different speed and controls, the game tests your ability to maneuver between the vehicle type when collecting the diamond objects.


Check out the source files.