Vehicles Movements

Vehicles and aircraft are one of my biggest interest when designing or prototyping. Many of my designs have had some form of vehicles – a car, a bike, a lorry, an airplane or some other moving object. There was a period where I actually wanted to learn and create many types of vehicle controls. As a result, I made these following examples as an introduction to my quest of one-day having a toolkit of many types of vehicle or aircraft controls. So I am very much looking forward to continuing getting better at designing and developing these for game development purposes.


Rat Pack Game


The Las Vegas game was the major project in the second year at university. My interest in vehicle controls really started during this project. As the game was a side-scroller, the vehicle (bus) required a shifting movement and when the scene changed to 2D, the vehicle had to be swapped for a 2D object and the controls had to change to a more convenient movement where you are able to move forward, backwards as well as rotating left and right. These were basic movements which really fitted with the scope and requirements of this project.

Las vegas game source files.



Rolling Ball Example


This Rolling Ball movement example was a certainly a great one to explore and create. It did require some camera assistance so the ball can move in the forward direction of the camera. The controls here are very simple, applying a forward force to move the object in the direction of the camera.



Helicopter Test Example


This helicopter movement example was sourced from Andrew Gotow. It was the most favored mechanic that I wanted to achieve, and however great or amazing it was to create. It was surprisingly one of the hardest and most challenging tasks I ever tried to achieve in unity, especially when you compare with the other following vehicle examples. Check out the Helicopter Controls with physics page to find out more about other helicopter movements that I have done.



Hovering Jet Example


This Hovering Jet example was actually the simplest vehicle control that I made in unity. As it uses a rigid-body, I  basically applied force to move the object forward and backward as well as having an uplift force that elevates the object in the air. It is a simple and interesting hovering movement.



Hovering Car Example


This Hovering Car example is a lot more interesting than the Hovering Jet example. Though it’s very admirable and looks like a great vehicle control to have in a game. It does, however, require you to be more knowledgeable of rigid-body elements like mass, force, and torque. This example was adapted from Andy Moore Hover Car tutorial, where he described the process of using thrusters to hold the object off the ground. This was certainly another challenging vehicle control system that I learned to make.



Aircraft Example


This Aircraft example definitely required a lot of more consideration in contrast to the other vehicle controls. I had to think about the steering, the ground and air movement, the uplifts, the diving, the speed, the loops and much more. These elements made this task a lot more daunting at first, but this example posted by Tiles in a Unity Forum Blog helped me achieve the things I wanted for my aircraft. It had the necessary elements needed to create this aircraft system. In addition, I made this great aircraft model to complete this aircraft example.


Vehicles source files.