Xcode Mini Games/Prototypes

After the Zzish Ed-Tech Hackathon, I started working closely with Development Lead Daniel Asher, using Xcode to further enhance my development skills as well as contribute to the StorySmarties (formerly named Alien Phonics) project.

My tasks whilst working on StorySmarties was to create mini-games or prototypes that support reading, featuring elements that would lead to many reading attempts by the user.

I often had to include random generation of real and nonsense words when creating the following examples using Swift SpriteKit in Xcode.

Tetris Style

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Rope Ball

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Platformer (Evil Knievel Jump)

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Source file here.


I also had to work on many other parts of the App using Swift UIKit, and other App Development frameworks like RxSwift, RXCocoa, and CoreMotion. In the process, I managed to learn how to:

  • Set-up and organise App projects,
  • Add elements in storyboard from the objects library,
  • Create and group files in App projects,
  • Create and utilise views and navigation controllers,
  • Add elements in view controllers with constraints,
  • Import and utilise assets,
  • Writing extensions and algorithms,
  • Do some functional programming,
  • Utilise playground and the assistant editor timeline,
  • Do some UI Tests and other tests
  • Explore the different UIKit animations and gestures
  • Administer every project with Github or Bitbucket using Sourcetree.

The follow examples not only shows different things I learnt to do in Xcode, but it also illustrates the different features which will be incorporated in StorySmarties (like swipe and tap gestures, UIKit animations and transitions, highlighting words, phoneme segmentation of words and table listing).

UIKit Animations and View Transitions


UIKit Dynamics Behaviours and Gestures


Realex Payments Hackathon 2016

During Spring 2016, I participated in another hackathon hosted by RealEx Payments called Realex FinAppsParty Hackathon.

The purpose of the event was for developers, designers and entrepreneurs to compete for £15,000 (among other great prizes), building an innovative mobile App that best demonstrates RealEx partner’s (WooCommerce, Amazon Web Services, Veridu & Post-Quantum and estimote) product as well as integrating the RealEx Payment system in the App. 

Our team (me and Ramesh) had the idea of making an App that allows customers to tip employees in bike stores without needing to contact, wait, or request for the employee. The competition was fierce and the eventual winner was Nest ID, an App to help displaced people around the world secure papers & funds.



Tipping App prototype source file here.